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June 6th, 2008

11:41 pm - Hello, most random job-description ever
  So..... I am applying for a summer job as a horse wrangler at a Jewish Summer Camp in Simi Valley, California. aka 31 miles from Boo's house...
I mean honestly, getting to spend the summer in California, taking care of horses, 40 minutes away from Boo, possibly with my best friend. Could I ask for anything better? Honestly, the only way to make it better would be if the camp was in Santa Clarita Valley, aka where Boo lives. 
So, Im going to finish the ridiculously huge application (10 pages, thank you very much) and then write the essay tomorrow, which isnt even really an essay. Go me.

PS new icon. It was time.
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Current Music: Clockwatching - Jason Mraz

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June 5th, 2008

01:39 pm
 Hello bad mood for the rest of that day and for teh rest of the weekend for that sake. Boo cant come :( He has an inerview tomorrow and its not possible to reschedule. I mean I totally understand the reasoning and Im not blaming him, but its still realy, really sucky. Fuck.

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June 1st, 2008

08:44 pm - Kenny and Keith!!!
 was  gone from home for a little over 24 hours but it feels like Ive been gone for so much longer! 

Anyway, the Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban, Garry Allen concert was AMAZING! Oh my holy lord, it was amazing, I had such an incredible time. Best concert Ive ever been to. I didnt really have a voice this morning from screaming so much.

Did I mention Boo is coming on the weekend?!
Current Mood: giddygiddy
Current Music: Dreamship Surprise - Soundtrack

(Oh em gee!)

May 30th, 2008

04:41 pm - My Boo Bear!
Oops,  forgot to mention this. Got a call from Boo last night and he just starts with "You are seriously the most amazing thing ever." He got my little care package and loved it. He was thrilled to bits. Especially about the Bonsai tree kit. He is so perpleaxed that I know him so well even thought I just met him 3 weeks before school was over. Well, what I can I say, when its someone I really like, I make an effort. And let me tell you, Im making a huge as motherfucking effort.
Totally earned lord knows how many cutepoints with that :}
Current Mood: pleasedpleased

(Oh em gee!)

04:25 pm - Productive is the word of the day
 Oh yay I was producive today! I can hardly even belive Im saying this but, I think Im almost done cleaning! My living room is almost good, honestly theres about ten little things on my floor, 4 or those are Bud Light caps... My bedroom, eh, kind of another story. Thats mostly just straightening shit out though. Making the pillows on the floor a little more organized, no big. And then the living room downstairs have a box, which is empty, which Im going to put my towels in once we wach them on the weekend. Ooh, the duffle bag is still down there. Um, Saras boxes which are going to her and I think three little plasic bags that just need to be put away. That means, once everything spotless, I can ask my mom and then dad if I can visit Boo in Cali!!!!!!!!!!!

So I think officially, I ran out of room in my closet. Now this babys a walk-in so there is definitely a good chunck of space in there.But literally ever last space is filled to the top. I have about 10 pairs of shoes, pretty much just work shoes, in a cube not even in my closet and I had to move all of my bras into another cube to make room for more t-shirts. Lord, I think I would throw up if i counted how much shit I had in there. Oh yeah, most of my work clothes are in my bedroom closet as are heavier and winter jackets and blazers. PJs fill up a 1 1/2ft deep by 3 ft long drawer. Theres a stack of 7 baseball hats plus two newspaper-boy hats on top of my TV and 2 cowboy hats and a fedora on top of my CD stand. Yes, I have a lit of clothes. Good god.

Along with my productivity I got up shortly after 9, checked mail and uch til about 10 or a little after and was on my way to Pottery Barn by 11. Geez I miss the PB. I walk in and just smiled. I felt like I was home. Although the one here doesnt smell as yummy as ours in Scottsdale does. Plus I feel tha it doesnt flow. Nice to see the new merchendise though. And I FINALLY bought myself the tall blue vase with the two yellow oncidium stalks for my bathroom. Bought matching Blue and Yellow towels yesterday. It looks so good. My mom literally gasped when she saw it when she got home. I told her it was gorgeous. Of course as soon as I get moved in I will post pictures of our lovely apartment!

Pompeii is sleeping on top of my backpack on my desk chair. Oh, nevermind, she must have known I was talking about her and she just curled up next to me on the Princess pillow. Fitting.

Going to read some Low Country now.
Current Location: My livingroom, Tucson, AZ
Current Mood: contentcontent
Current Music: Ma Falta - Rayito

(Oh em gee!)

May 27th, 2008

09:45 pm
I j ust bought myslef a laptop and am updating from it from my living room. Yay me :)

(Oh em gee!)

03:05 pm - Nothing into something
  The reason I never post in here is becasue I have nothing to write about. Jesus its boring. And a three day weekend was no good. That means my dads home an extra day. I dont want to leave the house when theyre hom ebc obviously the point is to spend time w my parents. And I wont organize and clean my stuff just because. I dont know why. I just wont do it when my parentn are home.

In other news, got my care-package for Boo done and sent out! Its already arriving super late. He injured himself what, a week ago? Kind of deafeats the activity package but whatever. Ill still get MAJOR cute points :) You know, as if I didnt already have a billion racked up ;) Ok, nvm, happened on Thrusday its not too too bad. Oh yeah, have to get sugary gummy worms too.

Ooh, pet peeve! When people say theyll call you back inlike 10 minutes, then never do. So, called Matt last Friday bc I thought he was going to be working and I wanted to leave hima cute message. But he picks up but hes at a bar so its really loud so I just left him a message anyway. Called him Sunday to leave him a message while he was working as originally planned. He called me on Monday I think it was, i missed his call but called him back withing the house. We talked for a tiny bit, I think he had to go so he said wed talk another time. Wednesday I sent him a text, Thursday he calls me and and we talk for about 5 minutes when he gets a call from work or something and says he will call me back in 10-15 minutes. Yeah, didnt happen. I ended up calling him on Sunday, wasnt there, didnt leave a message but he called me back when of course, I was at a party. So he let me go. I called him back expecting to talk to him when I was at another party but he said no, its ok, Ill be up for a while, call me when youre done. I was very reluctant to let him go, becasue well, from all the crap. I called him later when it was arounf 1a, his time but he didnt answer which im not really surprised. But I left a message specifically saying call me back. Nothing. Even called him real quick Monday morning, didnt leave a message but still. So yeah, it really sucks. Gah, I just want to talk to him and catch up!!!

Hung out with Gabriel to 4am last night. I dont know what it is but we can seriously just talk for hours and hours. Its not the first time weve done it either. Still cant believe the crazy kid drove all the way from Phoenix to see me :] I are special.

WOw, for not having anythign to say I sure said a lot...
Current Location: My bedroom, Tucson, AZ
Current Mood: productiveproductive
Current Music: Beat It - FAll Out Bot ft. John Meyer

(Oh em gee!)

May 18th, 2008

12:07 am - 1st week of... home...
 Ive been home from college for a week now... feels really odd. I cant decide if it feels longer or shorter. Both really. Ive accomplished NOTHING! Yay me :] Shit, Im not eve unpacked yet. Ok, clothes are all unpacked, I really just need to repack and organize and shit :/ Oh man, it sucks. But our apartments called us today and were on the wait list! Yay, cant wait! I really ok, dont want school to start again but I like the life I have up there. Plus Chris will be there next year which will be great. 
Things I want to do this summer
Convince my paretns to let me drive to Santa Clarita to see Boo! I miss him. Hes at the lake and doesnt have service so I havent heard from him since Thursday :/
Want to go to Seattle w Sara so we can visit KAETLYNN!!! And go to Canada to get drunk :)
Hope that my moms client goes to Cape Cod again this summer and invites her and consequently me and then I could see Matt in New York! Or he me, whatever. Either way Id get to see him :]
Of those three really only the first one is maybe doable. God, Ijust need to convince them!
Current Location: My bedroom, Tucson, AZ
Current Mood: disappointeddisappointed
Current Music: Dust on the Bottle

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April 28th, 2008

02:55 am
Hellashious week followed by AMAZING weekend. The full story to come tomorrow. Well, it is tomorrow really but yu know. Im fucking tired as shit and still have two more chaters to do for my psychology final tomorrow. Goody.

(Oh em gee!)

April 21st, 2008

06:00 pm - Addendum
Ooh, I had another thing to add to my list.
- I like a guy who's experienced, i.e. knows how to kiss, isn't awkward, but isn't a man-whore.
Current Location: Stauffer - ASU Main Campus

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