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May 11th, 2009

03:54 pm
SChools done, what what!! Im cited! No idea what Im going to do with my time now. Cleaning should probably be on that list... Definitely.
READING!!!!!!! God I need to finish thte 3rd and 4th Twilight books. Im stopping though or else Ill jsut go comatose reading for a week again like a did with the first two...
Oh and floating the riverrrr. Yesss. The river giveth and the river taketh away.
And lots of art.
Uhm.... tanning is a given as is time by the pool.
Have I mentioned cleaning?
Maybe perfecting, or at least working on my cooking skillz.
Losing weight, although this one and the one before might have some issues with each other....
See, I need to rest my knee for the next ultimate season but I also need to get better...
Work :/
trip to DC with Brady.
Trip to LA to got o the BEACH! And ride horses!

Hello summer 09, here I come!
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Current Music: My Life Would Suck Without You - Kelly Clarkson

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May 8th, 2009

01:01 am
Why why way? I hate finals.730 tomorrow morning. Its1am now. Done no studying. Havent looked over the study guide. Havent writen any of the shit knows how many discussion questions. I am such, SUCH an epic student fail. Or hopelessly lazy. either works really.

Also, my hands still smell from that disgusting chili dog earlier. This was my first bad chilli dog experience. I miss Hot Dog Heaven in Tucson. I miss Tucson. I dont want to stay in Phoenix over the summer. I want to stay here because of the people but thats about it. I think I migt kill myself if I work the entire summer at Pottery Barn. Ill just take lots of vacations? And get another job. This is going to sound sad but the biggest sad point about staying in Phoenix? No private pool aka no nakes tanning. Or at least 95% naked (keep a thong on, jesus) aka TAN LINES!!!!!! God no, please lord no! I dont mind the lower tan lines but ones on top are AWFUL. (chrsit I cant spell tonight) (Also, I have now used christ, lord, jesus and god. What is wrong with me?) (does it make it less bad when its lowercase?) But tan lines. God, theyre so awful. We hatses them. My photographer is still yelling at me becasue hes having to do so much touching up becasue of the slight tan lines i do have.

Why did I stop writing in my livejournal? Its so amusing. I just cant think of it as blogging. Because Im not blogging. Im not like ooh people, look at me and twat I have to say!! No, thats not how it is. I jsut write for the hell of it. It is kind of like a journal. Obviously.

Ok well, Im gonna....study.....?
,k,ymy t.                                                 jh  Pompeii says Hi
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Current Music: Vito's Ordinating Song - Sufjan Stevens

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April 2nd, 2009

01:37 pm
So, I ahd thsi huge awesome post about getting back to livejournal, making fun of high schol drama and all this shit and what does LJ do? loses it. FUCK YOU livejournal.

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August 27th, 2008

08:34 am - BIO
Scientific Mehod
Origin of Life 
How did life on earth begin?
Early atmosphere
-no oxygen
How did we go from molecules o cells?
Liller-Urey experiemnt: teting: "Primordial
Generation of simple biological molecules:
-amino acids

What is nessicary to SYNTHESIZE life?
1. membrane: to keep bad molecules out, good in, cell multiply
2. genetic system: control cells functions, allow to mutate and adapt to environ

2 strandsa
nucleic acids A,C,G,T
must be transcribed then translated before proteins made
requires enzyme to catalyze reaction

History of Life on Earth
how the earth has changed over time:
1. change in atmosphere
2.change in climate
3.change in lansmass
oxygen level increased as result of photosynthesis
Stromatolites are composed of oxygen-creating bacteria and are abundantly preserved in fossil records
Change in climate
climmate shift from hot/humid to cold/dry
cause of climate change: catastrophic event i.e meterors; geologic factors i.e. reflectivity of earths surface; biologic acivity i.e evolution of shelled animals; human activity i.e. CO2 production, greenhouse effect
Change in land masses
Plate tectonics
earths crust consists of plates
plates float on liquid magma
convection current move the plates
continental drift is caused by the movement of tectonic plates

Evolutionary record is major source of info  on lifes history
Fossil: any preserved remnant or impression from an organsm
Radimetric dating: absolute ages of strate are extimated using isotope decay

Geologic Time
earth formed 4.5 bya
life on earth different eras and PERIODS. Each has own life forms, climate, etc
 Three great Faunas
Cambrian explosion
most of animal phyla appreaed 542 mya
anthropods, annelids, trilobites, eocrinoids
first appearance of wide-spread mineral seletons
incread complexity of interaction, predation
Paleozoic Oceans: echinoderms, cephalopods, crinoids
Mesozoic: TRIASSIC 251 mya
insects, gastropods, birds, fish w cartilage
Cenozoic: Age of mammals 65 mya
Big Five include:
1. end ordovician
2. late devonian
3. end permian
4. end triassic
5. end cretaceous


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August 25th, 2008

08:43 am

1650 Federal 90025

tree frog ch 1

Lab Manual
Lab Handouts

Science helps us create facts on how things work
Science progresses through inquiry
Biology is the sudy of life a any level, from molecules to global processes such as how life forms affect and are affected by global climate change
Levels of Organizaion:
-molecule: made of atoms, build cells
-cells: simples entty that has all the properties of life
-tissue: a group of cells with similar finction'-organ: a structure with 2 or more tissues that performs a specific functions within an organism
-organism: an individual, free-living enitity
-population: a group of many organisms of the smae specisies
-communiy: population ofdifferent  species that interec in a given region
-ecosystem: a livin community and its environment

Evolution: change in properties of populations of organisms over teh course or generations
Ecology: study of the interactions etween organisms and their environment
-organismal ecology: 
-population ecology
-community ecology
-ecosystem ecology
-landscape ecology

Foundations of modern biology
1. cell therory: cells are the basic sructurl units of all living organisms
destinct enities but are also teh building blocks of complex organisms
all cells come from preexisting cells
all cells are similar in chemical composition

2. evolution:

3. gene theory: lifes blueprint - all living organisms use the same code (universal triplet code)
a cells blueprint is contained within the genome
the genoe is the sum total of DNA molecules in a cell
DNA molecules are made of nucleotide subunits
throught the process transcription and translation the sequence of nucleotides can code different proteins
proteins are complex molecules

4 homeostasis:living organisms regulate heir internal environment
temperature, salt balance, nutrients, wste materials

5. behavior: organisms interact wih each other and the environemnt
conflict and cooperations have important consequences for living organisms

Sceintific Method
1. making observations
2. asking questions
3. forming hypothesis, or tentative asnwers to questions
4. making predictions based on the hypothesis

Hypothesis: educated guess 
Theory: and explanation of related observations or events based upon proved hypotheses and verified pultuple times by detached groups of researchers

Cryptics coloration: comoflouge color i.e jaguar, zebra, etc
Aposematic coloration: bright colors warn predators

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August 9th, 2008

02:05 pm
Heres my flickr photos of the summer

(Oh em gee!)

02:03 pm - Flickr
This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

(Oh em gee!)

01:20 pm
Hm  well, Ive neglected this once again. Well, Ive been at camp since June 18th. Thats a pretty damn long time. Hard to believe actually. Time works soooo fucked up here. A day seriously feels like a week, no joke, no exaggeration, ask anyone, youll get the same thing. Being at camp is like being at high school once again. THeres so much drama, everyone knows EVERYTHING, the newes gossip is always whos hooking up with who, blazing in some little safe spot is the thing to do, the food starts to be so gross... All that and more. Ill try to sum it up thus far in a few points.
Flying here was the shortest flight of my life - literally. Got picked up by Boo :) spent the day with him before he drove me to camp the next day. Almost wanted to cry when I got here and he was leaving. i didnt want to be left alone in sucha foreign place. It was the first time it'd really hit me what I was doing. It all happened so fast that I never really thought about the fact that I was going to some totally new place where I would be spending 2 months and didnt know ANYONE. Pretty much was like holy shit. But I get to my room at BCI which is another part of camp where I met my 2 neighbors and roommate who all hadnt been here before either so we instatnly formed a friendship.

Concerning my roommate:
first glance was like wtf, no way. Fat girl, pink hair, piercings all over her face, really not attractive. Also said she was my fellow wrangler. She did NOT look the part. Got along at forst which only lasted until we started working together. Turned out to be a lying sack of shit, lazy, incompitent and we had her fired by the beginning of second session - like 3 weeks. Hello my own room.

My neighbors
: Oh the stories I could tell. These two turned out alright. We hang out on our porch all the time. Started hooking up with one of them a couple of days into camp. Hooking up turned into spending pretty much every waking as well as sleeping moment together, going to see stuff on Saturdays like into Santa Monica, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, the OC and Laguna Beach, Crystal Cove and Newport, deep sea fishing, Venice Beach and buying matching sweaters, LA, dropping kids off at the airport and spending the morning in Malibu, everything. Which turned into starting to fall in love. Crazy how camp works. Dating for a month and a half at camp is like being together for 6 monhs in the real world, Im not even kidding. People knew we were hooking up within days. Then again, wearing each others hoodies to the staff meeting is kind of a dead giveaway... Anyway, shit went down last week because Im a mother fucking retarded idiot who makes the most stupid decisions in life. but then again he fucked up too. And now, a week later, its almost back to how it was after a terrible, awful week in which I despised camp so very much. I can say that Ive changed his life a bit and hes changed mine. Were probably getting tattoos next weekend. Not matching, but just together. I hope itll be a life-long friedship.

About my work and the horses: summary of my day: Get up at 4, 5 or 7 depending on when the first ride is. I wear Wranglers, boots and a tank top. Bandana, cowboy hat and sunglasses come later in the day when is super hot. I tack up my horse along with my now 2 other wranglers and we ride out into the pasture to bring in the ~40 head of horses. Ride over hills, valleys all kinds of stuff to bring them in as the sun is coming up. Once theyre all down we tack up 11 of them for the rides that day. Have rides at 7am, 9am, 10:15, 11:30, 1pm and 3pm. Thats a lot of riding, let me tell you. I know each one of these horses by name, can tell you what saddle they wear, what bridle, their personality, age, ticks, what type of rider suits them best, almost everything. Its cool. Thinking about it I feel incredibly accomplished.

Ill probably add more at some other point but thats a lot to take in for now so Ill leave it at that. As much as I want to go home I think Im really going to try and enjoy this last week of camp :] I owe that much to myself.
Current Location: Cabin 3D, BCI, Camp Alonim, Brandeis, California, USA
Current Music: Here (In Your Arms) - Hellogoodbye

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June 10th, 2008

09:41 am - Climb the rock
 So... my arms arent sore? They should be. Its probably one of those times where they progessively get more painful and then tomorrow morning Im going to be in a wolrd of hurt. I seriously love rock climbing though, its so much fun. Definitely going to keep on doing it over the summer. Now the question is... do I buy shoes and a harness or do I continue to rent them... I found shoes for $50 wich is REALLY cheap. Theyre usually at the very least $70 or $80 and I found a harness for about $35. So really it would be worth it to buy them but I would end up spending just under $200 on gear and a membership while I dont have a job. Go me.
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June 9th, 2008

01:52 pm
 Gotta love it when first thing you hear from your mom in the day is did you get a job? Did  you apply at some places? Why not? What about this palce. Did you call ASU? Dont take life so esily. Thanks mom, glad youre awake. Nice to know you think I fail at life.

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